“I love ‘my dentist’, he explains everything to me in words I can understand, he’s very gentle, super friendly, their workplace is always very clean, I’m always explained my bill and what insurance will cover and I never feel like I’m being judged when I do have to get a filling. What more could you ask for?”

– Mandee, Somerville MA

Being in a big city like Boston, I thought I’d be treated like just another newcomer. So when I walked into My Dentist for my first appointment, I was pleasantly surprised by how friendly and warm everyone was right off the bat, from the reception desk to the Lozadas themselves. They don’t make you feel like just another patient like most other places do… you quickly end up feeling like a family friend.

– Annette, Brighton MA

“Dr. Lozada has ignited a newfound dentist-snobbery in me – for the better!  The office is equipped with some of the coolest, most effective tools I’ve ever experienced at a dentist’s office, and on top of all of that, there are the little things that make your experience extra pleasant, like sunglasses to block that blinding overhead light during the exam, soothing music flowing out of an ipod (beats the hell out of muzak or kiss 108), art, flexible hours  and super friendly staff. So thanks Dr. Lozada.  Now that you’ve spoiled me my standards in dentistry have increased tenfold!”

– Allison, San Fransisco CA

“What can I say but WOW.  I honestly cannot say enough good things about Dr. Lozada and his dental office, but I’ll try! After avoiding the dentist for the last two years, I finally built up the courage and set up my first appointment with Dr. Lozada.  His office is conveniently located in the heart of Coolidge Corner in Brookline.”

– Ted, New Orleans LA

“Without a doubt the best dentist experience I have ever had! That says quite a bit given the variety of dentists I have seen across multiple continents and thousands of miles. The office is ultra-clean and modern, with comfortable chairs and nice relaxing music.”

– Ivan, Boston MA

My Dentist Brookline has literally changed my life.  I used to be afraid of dentists, but after having a couple of things (one minor, one wisdom tooth extraction which I count as major) done there, I’ve gotten over my fear. They’re gentle, friendly, caring, patient, great listeners.  The office is always spotless, has all sorts of high tech gear and gadgetry (which they use and explain to you with ease), and doesn’t smell as dentist-y as most dental offices I’ve visited. I can’t recommend this dentist highly enough.  Seriously, if you need a dentist, go there.

– Yoav, Brookline MA